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Ministries of Compassion

Bereavement Ministry
If you are interested in finding out more about this ministry of care and compassion or if you wish to volunteer, you may contact Lorraine Gallup at, or send a message below.

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The Corpus Christi Bereavement Ministry officially began in September of 2015. New members are always welcome. The only requirement of participation is attendance at a one-time mandatory training session. If you are thinking about volunteering, but are unsure as to what may be involved, below are brief descriptions of what each team ministry will be doing.

Card and Invitation:
 Involves sending cards on significant dates for the bereaved; e.g. birthday of deceased, anniversary of death, wedding anniversary and possibly the sending of invitations for special events; e.g. start of support group, All Soul’s Day prayer or liturgical service.
Comfort Basket Preparation: 
Shopping for items to place in baskets and putting the baskets together.
Comfort Basket Delivery: 
Calling the bereaved, setting up a time to deliver the basket and delivering the basket.
Wake Visitation:
 A team of two or three members attend the wake and offer condolences from the Corpus Christi Community. If needed, they may help the bereaved family and friends at the wake with small tasks of service that appear to be necessary.
 Currently, this involves lectoring; that is, proclaiming the Word of God.
Funeral Reception: 
Teams of five or more set-up the hall being used, serve food, if needed, and clean-up afterwards.
Rosary Novena: 
When requested, a team of two or three members go to the bereaved person’s home and pray the rosary with the bereaved person and anyone whom they have invited to attend. The novena occurs each night for nine nights.

If you are unable to participate in this ministry by giving of your time and talent, but would like to participate in some way, any donations of your treasure would be appreciated. The donated funds would be used for the purchase of various items that will be needed for the comfort baskets and for the funeral receptions as well as cards, printing costs and postage.
And last, but certainly not least, please keep this ministry in your prayers.

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