Faith Formation for Children / CCD Begins Sept 25 at 9 am in the Old Saint Joseph's School. 21 Vallet St, Willimantic, CT 06226

Weekday Masses:

Monday:  12:10 pm St. Mary’s Church (Novena Mass)

                  6:00 pm Sagrado Corazon de Jesus  (Spanish)

Tuesday:  9:00 am St. Joseph’s Church


Wednesday: 12:10 pm St. Mary’s Church


Thursday:  9:00 am St. Joseph’s Church 

 6:00 pm Sagrado Corazon de Jesus Church  (Spanish)

Friday: 12:10 pm St. Mary’s Church

Saturday: 9:00 am St. Joseph’s Church

Weekend Masses:

Saturday: 4:00 pm St. Joseph’s Church

        5:30 pm Sagrado Corazon de Jesus (Spanish)


Sunday:    7:30 am St. Joseph’s Church

                 10:30 am St. Mary’s Church

                  12:00 pm Sagrado Corazon de Jesus (Spanish)


Live-Streaming Masses by Facebook and YouTube:

Saturday: 4:00 pm St. Joseph Church (English)

                  5:30 pm Sagrado Corazón de Jesus (Spanish) 

Sunday   10:30 am St. Mary Church (English)


Saturday: 2:30-3:30 pm at St. Joseph’s Church

Monday: 5:00-6:00 pm at Sagrado Corazon

Financial reports / comments

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Parish Office Hours

Monday - Friday: 9:00 A.M. - 2:00 P.M.

 Parents and/or Guardians about catechesis:

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 2021-2022 Confirmation II Calendar

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About Us

The Corpus Christi Catholic Parish worships at 

Saint Joseph Church and Saint Mary Church in Willimantic and 

Sagrado Corazon De Jesus Church in Windham, CT.  

Welcome to our website! I am delighted that you have chosen to learn more about us and our wonderful community. As followers of Jesus Christ, we are happy and eager to celebrate and share the blessings God has given.

We are a Roman Catholic parish numbering over 2500 households located in the town and county of Windham. Visitors and parishioners alike invariably remark about the friendliness and warmth of our people and staff. The heart of our community is our weekly celebration of the Eucharist. Nourished by the Body of Christ received at the altar, we strive to become the Body of Christ active in the world around us.

Our parish is both young and old. Formed of three parishes, we are young, having been merged in 2019. The oldest of these three prior parishes was established in 1856 and the most recent in 1991. We are proud to be exceptionally active and involved in a broad array of ministries to worship God and proclaim the Gospel.

Thank you for visiting our website. Please feel free to visit in person--you are always welcome!

Our Pastor and Vicar

"...even as the Son of man came not to be served but to serve."

Father Larry LaPointe
Deacon Michael croppedIMG_2715.jpg
Father Michael Castiblanco